About Irene

Irene has had many careers. She’s worked as a translator, salesperson, marketing manager & educator.

Today she does all of this combined and works with entrepreneurs and professional service providers at the crossroads between marketing, sales and strategy. She’s a marketing coach and a sparring partner for finding and implementing ideas for growing business. She helps her clients enjoy their business and life a bit more.

Irene lives with her family in Berlin, Germany.

Irene is the mother of two boys and a professional lego assembler. She just never manages to bake those cakes fo school festivities.

Irene lives in a relationship where 1 + 1 equals more than 2.

Irene is happy when she gets to play the guitar and sing.

Irene loves to run and swim in nature. It helps her clear her mind, just as Yoga and meditation do.

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